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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Stop – Economics and Education Letters

This is over the top only if you make it so. 
I beg that you see our deflection of your request as a positive expectation.  This call for more innovation with an immaterial guarantee is everything worth begging for.  It is so very important.  You say, we will not consider activating our cry to innovate with first things first thinking in a new design.   We say, ultimately there is no choice if real solutions are desired.   We fear your conclusion of being out of position or out of power is just not the ending.  We will have to stay in touch.  You insist, in your business, that your changes are based on highest quality thinking and innovation for lowest total cost, but… you want to disconnect from first things first thinking when it comes to project your influence.

Well, you are a higher power and you know truthfully that there are even higher powers working with first things first thinking, with increased discipline and commitment, to actually meet the requirements of the next step.  This reminder a month… seems small when it also contributes to moving the most at risk to our world of early reading work, networks and expectations.  This insignificant USA VALUES’ role is to publish the end in mind need for our powerful economics assuring innovators a true ROI for those who have the most to gain. 

I promised your call to the school district would not cost you more cash.  100% ready starts set the stage for making everything different, school district by district, for the 21st century and you can project the new money to exist.  The expectation is more important and dramatic than capping the gulf oil leak.  Really, you know, everything is different when the gap is closed at the source.  The district has externalities and cannot start the journey without you challenging and supporting them to honor the most basic science of dependent event management in systems to achieve more throughput / proficiency, less total cost and less loss from in-process education.  

Of course you already know USA is without grassroots power at a school district level to overtake the externalities.  The first things first solution reaches into the pre-k complexities.  But you are not without the initial power of influence and suggestion in a new design.  That is all it will take. 

Best regards,
Early Reading Skills Delivered - Ringing Advantages
Thomas Wolfgram

President-  USA VALUES, LLC and and and and  and
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