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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

If you were to ask HOW?

6th Information Bite
If you were to ask HOW?
Please do not read this HOW without reference to what (letter 5).  Together the design is in the private sector.  
 First, what USA VALUES is proposing has never been done before, except parts have been implemented with local success, without the private sector “glue” to sustain and replicate outcomes and new early inputs.  Socratic logic places the Components and the Higher Thoughts together for the expectation of 100% early reading input flow to kindergarten in a dramatic change.  Each district is indirectly served by a veteran executive owned promotions and advertising company repeatedly using a single public service message set in an economic territory. 
At least monthly a flyer and related social media website communicates to 100% of the mothers, business and schools about:
1.        The importance of Early Reading Skills Delivered
2.       Where the resources for the delivery can be found without a hassle
3.       Positive Expectations for all from that delivery   

The local message is paid for without increasing costs.  The local businesses leverage advertising that they must do to reach the local consumer.  Each location will naturally see to the development of growth economics, education, emotions and ethics at its own pace.  Growth is expected from the delivery of early reading skills, counting skills and understanding of positive direction before kindergarten.  This also provides the basis for individual grit, networks and positive expectations needed to grow.
Repeating, these points take shape locally one size fits one for each community and school district.   
Components   Early Childhood Brain Development; PVofPE-Prek; FTFRTFT; ERSD-RA; Created NEW MONEY; SCCDS Contract; ERSDRTAB of Contracts; and Veteran Component  
Higher Thoughts  Venture Collateral;  Education and Poverty; Civility, Emotional Intelligence and Ethics; Budgets / Pre-k Juggernaut per Chester Finn Jr. / Silo of Pre-k  / Quality Based on Outcomes;  Literacy is “Freedom and Opportunity”; work - family - faith is  “grit – networks – positive-expectations”;  Social Media as a tool; and Stories / messages of Assets and Attributes
Please contact me for that important discussion.  
Best regards,
Early Reading Skills Delivered - Ringing Advantages
Thomas Wolfgram
President-  USA VALUES, LLC
651-735-3018; Cell 612-968-1579


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