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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Business Greeting Card -- Enjoy Your Freedom

Greetings to each and every business and organization in the USA.

We position business of all sizes to influence from all levels, the local school district's attitude about constraints to do first things first. 

We suggest tweaks to the public systems will restart, within present funding leverage, local districts focus on 100% of age 0-6 at risk children, and mothers with literacy mentors to create proficient students who graduate; demonstrating resiliency and positive expectations when necessary.    

You know Early Literacy is Freedom!  And, expensive beyond recovery when missed.

You will want to know how we plan to present this because the whole of the plan is unique even though nothing is new. 

Please call me and I will walk you through the links and what is first things first in ten minutes.

1. We must start with the end in mind.

2.  At risk mom and child must understand the importance.  The PSM is:
"Delivery of early reading skills is a Critical Gift. Without this Gift,
all children are behind before they start kindergarten.  Business wants to make certain this is understood and help exists if mom needs it."

3.  When at risk mom and child ask for help the school district must deliver the help without delay or else the most at risk mom will disappear.  The new money for new deliver is discussed here. Schools Can't get to 100% readiness if the most at risk don't believe and stay focused with the help.  The basic is so very important, who do they trust?  

USA VALUES, LLC President, Thomas Wolfgram commented, "It is important to develop access to new money for school districts without new taxes for new early reading skills delivered to our most at risk children before kindergarten. USA VALUES clarifies the concepts of first things first right the first time (FTFRTFT) and the present value of positive expectations from pre-k (PVofPE-Prek) to create the new money in an Early Reading Skills Delivered process (ERSD-RA) .”

"Importantly; FTFRTFT, PVofPE-Prek and ERSD-RA can be used to create new money with innovation and requirements."

The requirement of pre-k ready to read, count and understand positive direction (ERSD-RA) before kindergarten has the potential to change everything about the education and poverty gaps. and  The “system” to complete the delivery of early reading skills to all young children (age 0-6) as a start in life is strong for some and weak for others. It is exactly the wrong place to have a weak system. USA VALUES would clarify the interest and influence of the school district’s spending to be proficient starting kindergarten and as a follow on to the kindergarten ready start.

Thomas Wolfgram
President - USA VALUES, LLC 651-735-3018




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