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Saturday, March 29, 2008

First Letter to Foundations in Twin Cities MN area

USA VALUES, Inc. Phone 651-735-3018
7879 Somerset Ct. Fax 507-452-2202
Woodbury, MN 55125

March 7, 2008



USA VALUES, Inc. is a start-up advertising, promotion, and sponsorship company building the “Early Reading Skills Delivered --Ringing Advantages” brand.

This is an unusual request and opportunity. The platform for the “business” includes all of the economic elements to deliver 100% of at-risk children to kindergarten ready to read, count and understand positive direction, choice, and opportunity at its lowest possible cost given the requirement of 100% delivery.

Please consider this request to provide adequate financial guarantees for the SBA start-up capitalization loan of $500,000 covering Minnesota. The Patriot Act within the SBA 504 7(a) loan program is almost perfect for this business concept. No money is being requested of your foundation. By virtue of the guarantee you are somewhat funding the purchase of the company by veterans. The guarantee goes away as fast as success is achieved.

When the SBA approves the Patriot Act Loan for the veteran majority owned business (fast tracked) they will require a guarantee from the ownership. Additionally, we want to create a relationship with you as the guarantor that will give the ideas within this organization special legs and a new platform for the delivery of PreK education collaborations.

The business will be organized as an LLC. It will be majority owned by veterans. It will employ war disabled veterans wherever possible. The introduction to the business plan with many benefits described will be provided as you wish.

The start-up operation is in Northern Dakota County and South Washington County, Minnesota, where we have a small business and reside. The business will launch after a initial syndication of new money from the 2004 Job Creation Act. The for profit effort is in syndication of the investment, the payback of the investor, and the public service messaging in a specific location supported by business to consumer advertising, also the business unit success parameters can be systemically duplicated.

I have concluded recently that pre-k literacy for 100% of our at risk populations can be advanced dramatically with the veteran’s practical and ethical position. They have a confirmed banner of opportunity and have paid the price to wave it. It is; “Literacy is Freedom and the Agenda of Opportunity in the World”. Now is the time to be certain of the delivery in the USA with their set up and leadership.

Additionally the model does not call for the 20 billion annual dollars needed nationally as a gift or a grant. It calls for the investments (unrelated to the SBA) to be made by multinational and manufacturing companies already funded for this purpose by the 2004 Job Creation Act. The business model actually returns a real cash payback of this investment while it sets up the local community with the education and seed money to create high value jobs because of the early basic education. We are talking about AAAA quality. 100% ready for kindergarten, 100% proficient, 100% graduated, 100% ready for the flat world middle economy. That investment money is a cornerstone to success in the new middle economies and something must be added and changed to trigger it. If not now? When?

I will be pleased to explain how real economic improvements show up in the communities in 7 short years based on real saving units for real development. The real development desired is initially defined by the history book, - The World is Flat - by Thomas Friedman.

My hope is you see a way to be growth supportive at the regional, state and national levels beyond the guarantee even if the time is not right now. The business will employ several processes that are unique, proprietary and protected. The business will have natural relationships with local advertisers. It will have economic reason for the veteran to work with business, chambers, business associations, city and county development agencies and boards, K-12 school boards, PTAs, pre-k education organizations and the faith base.

If my hope is confirmed, I can email you a further introduction. Please send me your email address. Mine is in the letterhead. Also, let me know if you want to just visit to discuss, thanks you for your attention. You do not get too many requests to actually start a service industry so badly needed by society but really stuck in neutral by tradition.


Thomas D. Wolfgram, Owner of USA VALUES, Inc.


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