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Friday, September 21, 2007

The Case for Apartment Early Reading Skills Delivery

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The Case for Apartment Early Reading
Skills Delivery Focus

See the attached case discussion of why Early Reading Skills delivered is important to Business. We have short cut the definition of high quality Pre-K used in that presentation to Early Reading Skills (ERS) Delivered. This provides simplicity and a clear focus on first-things-first. The objective is to marry the interest of the apartment owners with the interest of delivering ERS because the value of the community is grounded in the value of the real estate used or avoided.
· Apartments could be the frontier for the delivery of ERS
· An Education focus drives property values; this is given
· Apartments are important in finding 100% of the at-risk age 3-6 children
· Working with the at-risk is working with the most significant trigger to grow value
o This holds for the nation, state, county, city workforce development/readiness
o development forces us to do this ethically at age 3-6.
o This is not new! It is now more important because shortages are predicted
o Shortages always produce values, but where will the values grow?
§ In the pocket of the speculator?
§ In the pocket of those with real assets and attributes?
The at-risk expect they will be exploited so a one-on-one giving of a true gift is the only process that will create value and asset building. The infusion of value (delivered Pre-K Early Reading Skills) specifically will increase the value of the property in close proximity. The same way the value is diminished with lack of actionable opportunity. Early Reading Skills delivered are actionable opportunities delivered.

We can prove that an apartment building full of mothers and caregivers focused on early reading skills delivery to all age 3-6 children will create better economics for the owner and inhabitants of the apartments. Society, the mothers, the children, the owners with this focus generate the following benefits:
· Higher demand for the space, attracting more ability to pay
· Higher morale, peace, joy and hope; with less vandalism and bullish behavior
· Higher retention and lower cost of turnover, vacancy and advertising
· Higher productivity because of the knowledge base with fewer complaints
· Higher productivity because of the focused personal work effort taking place
· Higher productivity because actionable opportunity becomes real possibility one-size-fits- one

If disadvantaged mothers knew the key to opportunity is simple early reading skills delivered; would they desire this, above all other choices, for their children? The more one is disadvantaged the more potential opportunity exists from these simple measures. Apartments are places to deliver the simple; on a no harm basis through adult mentors of the child with mothers watching the delivery, and reinforcing during the week.

100% ready-to-read starting kindergarten resets the possibilities of the public schools and this is a community thing that has waited in line for the economics of shortage to make it smart to be ethical. More importantly, effective citizens, business and everyone in a community with a future has a pay now or pay more later proposition/opportunity that is grounded in the value of the real estate used or avoided.

Tom Wolfgram


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