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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Is Now The Time?


Tom Wolfgram

Proficiency – Opportunity
Literacy -- Freedom – Responsibility

USA VALUES, Inc. has the audacious plan to help communities deliver 100% of the atrisk children to kindergarten ready to read, count and understand positive direction. It is new to define the word atrisk as a single word. You will find the rest of this to also be new thinking

Thinking and changing makes too much sense! All that is needed is a wide spread understanding of how primarily important and simple early reading skills delivered are and the fact that they are important economic foundations along with education foundations.

A whole new local business model will evolve that has small and large business very concerned for the community’s delivery. A delivery that is personal because it is one size fits one, first things first, and must be delivered right between the ages of 3-6. Business is a community person with character and values.

The school district knows that the delivery is all important to the proficiency and cost effectiveness of the school system and the child’s future.
The effective community citizen knows it is only limited by the rigor and commitment and new money existing for investing in the delivery of early reading skills to the age 3-6 child as the first of many valuable assets and attributes.
• Business must be allowed to be drive personally for the future economics. Investing with stated requirements normal for them.
• Age 3-6 education, including the “reaching out” school district’s requirements, must deliver the child ready to read, count and understand positive direction in connection with a defined ROI. One that latches onto community, school, city, county, and federal monies already in the system.
• Leadership must understand the ROI is strong enough to pay back the new money investment.
• The veteran, as a new player, has every back side covered regarding demonstrated rigor and commitment when the savings are contracted and resting in a community development corporation designed for paying back and investing in the local future economic opportunity.
o This rigor and commitment is nothing compared to the active foreign duty to deliver literacy and freedom as the agenda of opportunity.
o Literacy, freedom and opportunity are the bottom lines that the military has been asked to deliver to the world in the last 50+ years.
o Their dedication goes so perfectly with the desire to deliver similar assets attributes and values with rigor and commitment to the most atrisk at home. Why not make this delivery at home and abroad what it truly is—The USA Gift To The Atrisk World?

1. Can you help me?

A. Now is the time for new money, and, a solution to capacity that moves the public schools to proficiency with a 100% first things first delivery of Early Reading Skills.
• Public service messaging to Business, Moms and Citizens must be economic
• Make it economic, pay the investor back
a. 2004 Job Creation Act sources the money for Investment
b. Savings from the public domain become the sources of the payback
• Vest federal chartered veterans to be the catalyst to investment, savings and payback
• Must use growth to fund new money for Early Reading Skills Delivery, i.e.

B. Local business deserves a total solution and is holding out for it. Business deserves to pay for the total solution. It is all about economics. It is all about creating value from the discovery of hidden assets. They pay, they win.

2. Help me with the public policy that leaves open slots in our high quality delivery

3. Help me with the public policy that does not focus on delivering 100% of the at- risk for a committed return.

4. Lets get started

A. Everyone has an opportunity for positive cash flow within 2 days
by clicking here.
B. You are a mom or an educator or and effective citizen who thinks more positive messaging can be used and delivered to our children, click here.

C. If you are a growing or effective business, an effective citizen, or an effective organization who wants to use their base of economics to create new money for Early Reading Skills Delivered, click here.

If this does not make sense to you and you want to tell us why, Do so! We may be missing something. Give us your comments at the 9-15-08 post of this at:


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