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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Second Letter to Twin Cities MN Area Foundations

USA VALUES, Inc. Phone 651-735-3018
7879 Somerset Ct. Fax 651-451-1369
Woodbury, MN 55125

March 14, 2008



We have had several very quick responses to a batch of requests sent out because our initial request obviously does not fit the foundation program. There is a reason for that on both sides. We accept it, but beg that you at least ask for the introduction. We will not bother you after that. The introduction represents new designs and good thinking on the Prek education, K-12 proficiency, social, sustainable, choices, and poverty fronts. Good thinking that you might make better. From our perspective it is good enough thinking to start asking for investments, career choices, rigor and commitment that will create a sustainable different outcome based on real requirements. Everyone is needed to fill the gap that has existed forever.

So, before you say no to the March 10th letter! Please consider this.

You are only being asked to help provide the leverage of the veteran on the multinational corporation. Positively the companies want to help, but can not be told to loose shareholder money in the process. Our designs must deal with why one would ask for a gift when there is a ROI.

The multinationals have two public relationship issues against them. They need our local help to be the best they can be for our society. They are the largest and most public businesses; they are actually owned by the USA public shareholder or others in the world using the USA systems for financial security. This profile puts profits first.

• They moved the “cheese” for our kids and the education system; for growth and cost reasons. They have to do this, and yes-- in the last ten years they have only started to wave the important warning banners, but without solutions.

• They have been funded to fix this situation with the 2004 Job Creation Act but have so far allowed the funding to stay under the national radar because it is frankly complicated and a return on the investment for them is not assured without a contract. They already have a world market of human resources to work with so it is not as if their entities will run out of employees. That is more of a local problem.

The veteran can be positioned by the leaders of the multinationals in the syndication of the investment and the payback from the contracted ROI by the school, city and county. Everybody needs each other in this win-win.

Additionally, I have been a student and investor in the early learning situation for some time. I am vested. There seems to be no limit to the way the same simple thing is said time and again. There is too much talk.

I honestly will work to create a system, for profit or not, but most likely both that; 1) focuses on the most at risk from the bottoms up to maximize the ROI and reduce to almost zero the risk of the private investor. I see the money sitting with the private investor, and ROI is a given with more rigor and commitment delivered one size fits one. 2) Provide the systemic understanding of the basic requirements of the public kindergarten teacher in the early learning industry. Clearly, simply-- 100% of the children ready to read, count, add, subtract, and understand positive age appropriate direction, choices and opportunity would unleash a very powerful public education system for the benefit of all. Why not just do that first; It is over 80% of the PreK solution and can be verified by kindergarten teachers without testing.

Our proposed structure is all about this and has nothing to do with what has been done in the past. In our proposals the private sector provides the rigor and commitment to change. This design would be a new service industry built around the rigor and commitment we can expect from our returning veterans in our most at risk localities with a related public relations profit motive. It is about design and natural workings.

Thomas D. Wolfgram


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