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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Supporting A Public Service Message

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Supporting A Public Service Message
“Delivery of early reading skills is a Critical Gift. Without this Gift,all children are behind before they start kindergarten.”

This letter has been sent to our federal representatives and senators, our state governors, the directors of state chambers of commerce and the state house and senate legislators in Minnesota and Wisconsin. In short it makes reference to letters sent to promise and struggling neighborhoods who desire to restructure, remodel and grow the local culture of opportunity.

Letters are on the first blog (Today’s Children, Tomorrow’s Future) from this page.

USA VALUES, LLC is a start up to address the education and economic gap from the grassroots communities using a private sector approach concentrating on local growth economics, education, emotions and ethics. The business perspective uses a snakes in the grass image. It represents the extra cost we have because we do not build on the truth of first things first when we work this problem. Doing first things first is a professional way of creating new money from the old.

1. The end in mind is that High Quality Early Reading Skills Delivered is defined to meet the requirements of one size fits one at risk entry into kindergarten. These requirements are set by the district as evidence of proficiency, on the way to third grade measures. They must first fully consider expectations for high quality brain developments and generally the definition must give respect to what is time sensitive. The delivery should be guaranteed easier than not by the provider. The child must not be allowed by parent or mentor to fall behind in pre-k; the strategy is to not let the education gap form.

2. As business activity, we call for everyone to know how important and time sensitive early reading, counting, and understanding positive direction is to the child and the community. We do this by sending paid for public service messaging from local business and service that is sure to reach the most at risk and community with the same message. This is the subject of the local social business network in addition to modern business communication.

3. As an after hour business proponent of value creation, we call for a professional restructure of local school and government present spending choices in the public silos of delivered services and education. The restructure is to create “new money” from old money so that 100% of at risk kids are funded to be ready and each dollar is spent in support of what is first things first for a resident or business taxpayer and a child at risk.

4. The “New Money” creates a surge of Early Reading Skills Delivered that can be counted on by the K-12 education system. The local K-12 systems “control” the requirement and the restructuring of federal, state, county and local district spending to be certain high quality early learning is funded for 100% achievement. Delivery will likely be contracted for cost considerations and performance must be guaranteed to progress to zero exceptions (100%) over 3 years.

5. Complexities are slain like dangerous snakes in the grass or the grass is cut because the community (including small business and churches) want it so and are socially connected with technology to make it so. Choices are simplified when the 80% sees growth in opportunity and the value of giving priority to first things first.
• The growth can be lined up right the first time starting with the coverage of the most at risk age 0-6 children.
• An effective mentor of child and mom is considered an asset of the child, if necessary. Assignments are changed as required to make the child successful on the defined path.

6. Back to business, USA VALUES LLC is a local advertising company that sends the public service message in print and online. There is synergy in the customer base of business advertising and promoting. There is no waste as the social / business network is created. The customer list has dual purpose linked directly to revenue, the PSM and the social network.

7. The owner of the advertising company knows the general public is aware of the PSM at some level. However, surveys reveal the general public is not aware that early literacy is time sensitive physical brain development where very significant percentages of synaptic closings cannot be redone. The child is left behind when those closing are on empty.

USA VALUES, LLC introduces a unique website to facilitate development of communities in light of the above. It recognizes public education and social programs to be the mother lode of resource that must make the pivot to success. Under all conditions there is a first things first that when recognized will generate less waste. The time has come to pivot.

Individual positive expectations must be used for the foundation of the local restructuring to work best within our republic. Our national site is and our first local site is

Consider these concepts locally because they do not require millions to plan and billions of new federal money. You can participate in the web sites via comment or Twitter.

Call me and we can put an increased present value on the positive expectation of creating an individual at age 6 who is ready to read, count and understand positive direction.

Best regards, Early Reading Skills Delivered - Ringing Advantages

Thomas Wolfgram

President- USA VALUES, LLC and and and


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