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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Attention Black Regiment Pastors

Dear ,

Attention Black Regiment Pastors

Via Glen Beck and David Barton I came to your listing on the Chuck Baldwin site. In keeping with watching what the other hand is doing we need to be alert to the federal government installing cradle to career urban support for those at risk without really changing the culture. You will see from this letter and web sites that proficient early reading skills before kindergarten in the USA are considered like clean water in Africa. A huge success factor and one of the places the local Christian Church can significantly address.

USA VALUES, LLC introduces a unique website to facilitate local business, churches and teachers in light of the individual Christian and social needs. Multiple local networks come into connection with an important public service message for the community. “Delivery of early reading skills is a Critical Gift. Without this Gift, all children are behind before they start kindergarten.”

Importantly many local networks will spend new promise neighborhood federal money on cradle to career start programs and many of the worst cases will not ever get federal money. There has to be a way for this delivery from the grassroots to impact the worst of our urban culture. There is not enough federal money to do this from Washington DC. Common sense must insist on a First Things First Right the First Time (FTFRTFT) restructuring, focus, confidence and delivery of those at risk.

This is critical to churches and small business and education at this time. The parameters of local program spending must include basic individualism, gifting definitions, and positive individual and business expectations from investment and social interventions that are accountable and desired by 80% of the population. Building solid individual assets will allow rapid replication without federal money, thus it is a perfect place to start on the culture.

USA VALUES agrees that age 0-6 children should be made ready for kindergarten to exactly the requirement set out by the school district. This will require a restructuring of the multiple silos of spending (to earlier) on at risk children and their mothers. When 100% of the kids are delivered ready to read, count and understand positive direction the exception is eliminated and federal money should stop flowing. There is no lower cost time or place to solve being at risk; at age 0-6; in the local community. A surge process must be locally created and delivered. We know who understands this.

FTFRTFT high quality includes a guaranteed delivery of 100% ready to read children to kindergarten. The schools are strong enough to continue that to 100% proficiency in 3rd grade and later. While the tax on business is always a concern, the individual ethic of asset building is very important for freedom to work in our republic. Government, schools and churches have the resources to mentor child and mother to kindergarten readiness within the money that is already being spent. Business has the talent to help schools and government restructure and reduce costs based on the completely ready input. The culture needs individuals who value freedom because it is God given to every man.

It really is time to act and interject individual asset building into the local community of at risk children and mothers, residents, local business, local churches, local government, schools and organizations. USA VALUES has the business model to surge. It would prove to be far more accountable to the most at risk and lower cost than anything from the federal government. USA VALUES would give revolutionary positive substance to the Black Regiment and major local spending concerns. School districts already match to the capacity of the kindergarten numbers and they can issue the individual contracts to the at risk so the delivery can be guaranteed ready by a contracted mentor or provider.

Schools then deliver a 21st century education because they have started with 100% proficiency as early as first grade. This is not made up, it is being done today. To not make this pivot to individual asset building to keep trying with failed concepts and principles. Small business drives free PSM via the flyer and the local network to start the culture change. Reorganizing federal, state, local government and school district spending to concentrate early on the individual ethic of asset building changes the culture from the small business and local church effort. Budgets are a constraint. Your time maybe has come to impact the culture.

Check out the stated community requirement for the Promise Money at and note they do not care about local small business or the corner church as required partners. You (corner church) are needed for the foundation of the local restructuring within our republic.

Our national site is and our first local site is Use these concepts locally to dive into the culture because they do not require millions to plan and billions of new federal programs. You can participate in the sites via comment or Twitter.

Remember that 339 communities applied (I guess that over 1,000 but less than 2,000 exist) for federal money and only 20 received grants to plan with no new money behind the plans. We must think about what is not being done in the worst of situations and locations and act as Christians.

Please call if you would like to know more and how.
Best regards,
Early Reading Skills Delivered - Ringing Advantages

Thomas Wolfgram

President-  USA VALUES, LLC 
651-735-3018; Cell 612-968-1579
Twitter @tdwusavalues and @EEEEinNDC


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