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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Neighborhoods connect to Positive Expectations

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Neighborhoods connect to Positive Expectations

After reading materials on the Promise Neighborhood Applications we want to express respect for your desired improvement. We would like to add to your efforts from the private sector and present to you avenues without start and stop federal government support. USA VALUES, LLC. introduces a unique website to facilitate development of communities in light of the individual and social needs. Multiple local networks come into connection with an important public service message for the community. “Delivery of early reading skills is a Critical Gift. Without this Gift, all children are behind before they start kindergarten.”

As you know many locations and many of the worst cases will not receive federal money to even start. Importantly several local networks will start down the road of the new promise neighborhood federal money on a start that may not reconcile to the deficit now or even 10 years from now. The money problem is with us forever.

There has to be a grassroots start for this restructure and new delivery that does not rely on Washington DC. Common sense must insist on a local multi silo First Things First Right the First Time (FTFRTFT) restructuring, focus, confidence and delivery of those at risk. The case has already been made that it is in the best interest of business of all sizes to invest in early reading skills to create positive expectations in their “neighborhood”. This is critical to small business, churches and communities who want to create new positive expectations, basic individualism, gifting definitions, investments and social interventions. And, balanced budgets.

USA VALUES believes like many that age 0-6 children should be made ready for kindergarten to exactly the requirement set by the school district and the brain development science. This will require a restructuring of the multiple silos of spending (everyone to earlier, done right the first time) for at risk children and their mothers. What must be done first is actually simplified. When 100% of the kids are delivered ready to read, count and understand positive direction the exception is eliminated. There are no lower cost times or place to prevent being at risk; than age 0-6; in the local community. A surge process to cover 100% needs to be locally created and delivered.

FTFRTFT high quality includes a guaranteed delivery of 100% ready to read children to kindergarten. K-12 education is strong and will continue that to 100% proficiency in 3rd grade and later because of focus and confidence. The individual ethic of asset building is very important to freedom working in the USA, supported by traditional business and local economics. Business has the talent to help schools and government restructure and reduce costs to create “new money” based on the completely ready input. Demonstrations exist, we need leaders who understand quality can be engineered. The result is a literate individual growing to value freedom, economics, education, emotions and ethics. Government, schools, churches and communities have the resources to mentor child and mother to kindergarten readiness within the money that is already being spent.

School districts can be funded to start earlier and charged with the school readiness issue of individual contracts to the at risk so the delivery can be guaranteed ready by a contracted mentor or provider. All the power of web and mobile can be applied without a classroom as the need is first seen one size fits one. Without question communities need to be “talking” socially about their positive expectations from early reading skills delivered through mentors and classes.

In summary, schools will deliver a 21st century world class education because they have started with 100% student proficiency as early as first grade. To not make this pivot to individual asset building, including being ready to read is to keep trying with failed concepts and principles. Small business drives the free PSM via the flyer and the local social network to start the culture change from the foundations. USA Values, defined by the location, will intrusively challenge the culture of spending accountability to asset building by soft messaging from the small businesses and the local churches. Budgets are a constraint. Your attitude to put FTFRTFT in place is a critical replacement for more money in total.

We have the business model to surge just that. The model will prove to be more accountable and lower cost. USA VALUES will give revolutionary positive substance to small business success, asset building, the corner church and local budgets.

For reference I link to the community requirement for the Promise Neighborhood Money at and note it does not include local small business or the corner church as required partners. A clear pivot to first things first might not be first in your ultimate plan and we suggest you make it so. Our national site is and our first local site is

339 communities applied for federal money and only 20 received grants to plan very tight locations with unacceptable boundaries and no real new money behind the plans. Please pivot because the quality principle of FTFRTFT is universal and not subject to change now or tomorrow.

Consider these concepts locally because they do not require millions to plan and billions of new federal money. You can participate in the web sites via comment or Twitter.

Call me and we can put an increased present value on the positive expectation of creating an individual at age 6 ready to read, count and understand positive direction.

Best regards, Early Reading Skills Delivered - Ringing Advantages
Thomas Wolfgram
President- USA VALUES, LLC and and and and and
651-735-3018; Cell 612-968-1579


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