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Thursday, January 17, 2013

USA VALUES, LLC -- Leadership in Early Reading Skills Delivered

2nd Request

Only men and women of your position are powerful enough to direct conditional first things first public education money for our age 0-6 at risk.  The increased brain power capacity (synaptic closings) is the driver of innovation and savings in the 21st century if you nudge district leaderships to capture this for our nation before it is lost.
You do not want or need the power but the positioning to create this nudge already exists in the private sector innovation outside of the schoolhouses, courthouses, federal and statehouses.  Your encouragement of the leaders to commit to first things first would be appreciated by the grassroots. Business and organizations already have the issue somewhat surrounded.  100% ready to read, count and understand positive direction starting kindergarten is first thing first possible, opens many other possibilities and will change everything.
 USA VALUES, LLC – Early Reading Skills Delivered First Things First
Certainly the talk about growth versus tax, debt versus equity, and private versus the government is only talk- with  meaningful confidence in growth being marginalized at the start by so much that is partisan and not first things first.  Here is a no choice new way from the first step that is not marginalized, and I hope you let me talk to you about it.  This design captures power to influence school superintendents to innovate.  It has a role for every business organization in the country.
USA VALUES, LLC is a start up business of equity leverage products and services in local business with social attention to the most at risk who should want opportunity.  Value starts by driving the economics (not contributions) of 100% readiness for kindergarten.  There are alignments that create new money from commitment, but in the end they are quite simply courage, commitment, early reading skills and grassroots math leading to STEM.  
Local school districts and other schools see simple new money and the simple increase in proficiency from its commitment to 100% ready to read kindergarten starts. Schools, the pre-k silo, the most at risk and all of us benefit.  Voids exist because governments are just not designed to deliver earlier in a one size fits one mode.  Yet districts need a way to get as close to 100% delivery as possible with back up by the most committed.
Local, national and multi-national business see this as a non-cash hand up drive to grow economics, education, emotions and ethics without a tax increase.   The concepts of positive expectation, value, first things first, equity, high quality leverage and risk are applied within simple products and service.  No choice courage to innovate turns to leadership staging.  Position the K-12 schools to really reach the most at risk to avoid the gap in the first place.  What would our nation look like without the education gap at age 6 for the money in the system today.   Your leadership could be so much more than a public service message.  
 This is a federal, state and local government budget issue of growth delivered by the private sector.  More proficiency, individualism and new money are created without tax increases.   Public policy change to help this innovation of public education is not significant, but would be helpful.  
Commitment to readiness is really critical driving new money
You and the Fortune 1000 have the character to fully understand this new way leaving our early childhood education partisanship behind and quickly creating the first things first maximization of positive expectations.  Every problem would look different in this 21st century with 100% reading readiness.  Uniquely we are selling the delivery of the public service message product and service alignment from a private sector base so that 100% readiness actually solves problems, funded by innovation and required savings. Every organization inside the locational scope of the school district will be helped immediately by your positioning.  Real estate and smaller business might track to benefits first.  
Please call me or email me so we can quickly develop understanding of this.  I am prepared to show how no choice no cash is “banked” to create school district commitment to new positive expectations.  It is unique, very important and actually stands as the base of STEM.  Traditional contributions are not used in this program designed to self fund and replicate in the private sector.      
Best regards,
Early Reading Skills Delivered - Ringing Advantages
Thomas Wolfgram
President-  USA VALUES, LLC
651-735-3018; Cell 612-968-1579
 PS- The PDF publishing of these books create an outstanding introduction of issues, please read and buy the books to reduce societal and business risk and increase the proficiency of the USA School System. Use these concepts to transfer power to those committed.  First thing first  is important to each and every growth economic, education, emotions and ethics solution. 
Reroute the Preschool Juggernaut, by Chester E. Finn Jr. AND, American Education in 2030, by Hoover Institution's Task Force on K-12 education
These two books published by the Hoover Institute are Socratic high quality thought processes informally supporting the realistic need for USA VALUES, LLC.; starting the private sector alignment of expectations and values to a new commitment.

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