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Friday, December 14, 2012

Is It Time Yet? Imagine Yourself a 3 Year Old At Risk Child

Before you read this blog, imagine you are a 3 year old at risk child and your mother is going to deliver you to kindergarten NOT ready to read and there is nothing you can do about it.  And you understand the investment to get ready has been talked about (in design) by the powerful for 20 years, but the design is so expensive it makes the mountain climb ahead even more formidable and the leadership willing to do anything but first things first, in front of all that money spent K-12, that would not be needed, if you were ready.   Who steps in with a hand up to ME?  In 2 short years your going to teach me to help my neighbor, right?  It might look like a hand out to mom, but to me, the rest of my life might hinge on it.  There are 2,000,000 kids like me. 

What is my economic ready or not?  It is at least $500,000 according to John Grisham who is known to “get it”!  That is a trillion dollars of future growth a year, or not.   Why don’t you write the ending, or the beginning.  Keep it short and we can publish it.  But, remember there are 2,000,000 just like me next year and per year after that.  Our GDP is stuck at 15 trillion dollars and appears to say my growth is not a positive expectation; is not wanted; literacy is not freedom unless delivered overseas; quality is not free, and a half trillion dollar ROI on cost of 30 billion is not good enough. 

If you think I am out to lunch, say so.  Be polite, it is a blog with many links to positive expectations.

Thomas Wolfgram,
President USA VALUES,LLC, 651-735-3018,

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