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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Must Prompt Innovation- Growth Economics, Education, Emotions and Ethics

4th Request, thank you for your time.

Wish there was a choice, but...

100 companies of the Fortune 1000 companies would represent 10% of 15 Trillion dollars of value positioning (not spending) to insist on first things first attention. If there were 200 companies (it costs nothing to lead the positioning of innovation), what then? The most at risk could be mentored through and with mom without changing anything today. Not one Fortune 1000 dollar is to be spent within this venture collateral model. A pledge limited to an immaterial fraction of 1% creates a very powerful call to innovate -first things first- and just take care of the start to high quality for 100%. Nothing is going on today that addresses 100%; that is the grass root key to public school effectiveness in education, economics, emotions and ethics.
Without a focus on 100%, our systems just don’t deal with some issues and real total cost is not addressed.  You know this.  See our first three letters; the issue and choice will never go away. Say yes and climb the right mountain.  Any other decision keeps you in base camp or climbing the wrong mountain according to Stephen Covey. I have many positive reasons making me so bold to try and intrude on the Fortune 1000.  You also have many reasons right now to get to yes.   
You have the power to help schools see first things first and make this happen.  Besides the pure joy that takes over when children read the first and second Bob Book before they are 5 years old, the ERSD-RA contracting by the school district with the local preschool juggernaut would economically grow the delivery capacity to the exact requirement of the district.
The Fortune 1000 intruding with commitment here, for the most at risk first, is an innovation K-12 districts have been talking about without new money for 20 plus years. Help the districts, with leverage earn the new money with new commitment to their own designed high quality innovation and savings; with a new scientific understanding of the important first things first capacity constraints.
A few districts are further along this path than others but rarely address the early literacy issue as if it were equal to the early safety issue and even more rarely do they see it as the capacity constraint that could eliminate excess costs.  Simply, leaders owe it to themselves and their company to prompt innovation based on first thing first expectations for 100% delivery, in addition to everything else your company is doing.
Please set up the discussion with me, I have a very simple first step. 
Best regards,
Early Reading Skills Delivered - Ringing Advantages
Thomas Wolfgram

President-  USA VALUES, LLC
651-735-3018; Cell 612-968-1579


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