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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Beck, Palin and Sharpton

Getting Real

Positive Expectations are possible with the words of Beck and Palin. It is all about expectation and choices and God's help to be right with him first and then everyone and every group besides.

When we say let’s do something Lets do first things first right the first time. Can every neighborhood decide to deliver 100% of the kids ready to read, count and understand positive direction to kindergarten? Say in groups of 100 or 1000 homes and apartments. This would give us a positive expectation and start building assets and attributes of value.

It would take a miracle in today's world, and my God has that kind of power to spare. What powers Sharpton? What powers Beck? What powers Palin? My God is using them and me. Who is using you? Where does your power come from? We could use some of yours to deliver at risk kids age 0-6 to kindergarten ready.