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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Third Letter to Fortune 1000

Dear Fortune 1000 CEO

3rd Request

Thanks you for your time.  Education reform seems to always be calling and I understand charters, vouchers, common core, STEM and vested interests in those and other steps to increase capacity and results.  All remedial efforts to increase proficiency are good.  100% delivery of early reading and math skills in all day kindergarten are  better.  100% delivery of early reading skills, counting and understanding positive direction before kindergarten are best. The bridge to best does not have to cost more money and your company as one of the largest is critical to providing the leverage base to that bridge.  
 Our frame calling for action includes PVofPE-Prek a recent development set of math concepts. And, FTFRTFT a science of incurred time to finish developed in the last 30 years. And ERSD-RA an absolutely required reaction to new scientific knowledge of brain synaptic closings on empty because we adults allow it
I am writing to the CEO to talk about the brain power that we are not creating first things first (FTFRTFT) that would have a chance to solve the STEM shortage, and others, way into our children’s future.   Your company has the power on earth with other Fortune 1000 companies (subject to even higher power not seen) to change everything.  First things first focus on at risk age 0-6 children brain synaptic closings on literacy and order will change everything.  You know it is important to get this right after 50 years of “reform”.
The Fortune 1000 has the “venture collateral” to insist that school districts innovate on a first things first basis with economic definitions of quality, internal and external customers, throughput, and total cost among other innovations so that our nation stops wasting the millions of lives per year needed to sustain and grow our future.  The market value of the Fortune 1000 exceeds $15 Trillion and dwarfs other sources of leverage to innovation.     
We want to listen to why the power so important to our future positive expectations will not:
1.        Issue the no cost challenge to school districts that leverage innovation and creates new venture money for schools  that in turn creates the $500,000 present value of positive expectation (PVofPE-Prek) in each at risk child at age 6.  Two million children, each year, need this positive expectation. In your business positive expectations drive everything.  
2.       Help the k-12 school districts with proven world changing innovation of FTFRTFT, Quality is Free, Constraint Management, Throughput Accounting, Total Cost Consideration and others.  Our free society has benefited from this in abundance, built one size fits one first things first, but suffers because high quality is only partially delivered.  The USA cry for high quality Literacy is Freedom  has only “you” in position to insist on 100%  initial delivery.  The final 30-80% of our population is proving to be a high quality challenge in varying degrees. In your business you insist on adequate attention to 100% of any capacity constraint at risk of not meeting the requirement.  The districts and all the age 0-6 children are at risk of low expectations right now. 75 future years depends on how they start now. 
3.       Insist the remedial dollar reach the most at risk of those at risk and at the same time patch the leaks to the 100% delivery process of ready to read, count and understand positive direction starting kindergarten.  In your business you would patch the leaks yesterday.  Early Reading Skills Delivered (ERSD-RA) as continuous improvement in the market will reroute the pre-k dollar to 100% delivery after you insist and prime the innovation with collateral so that it also creates New Money from old money. This is quite simple to execute.    

Again it is not about what we are doing.  It is about the leverage power that we are not using to prompt specific school districts to innovate and create positive expectations with the money already in the systems.  The money to first things first innovate is always within the system of interested paying clients. School districts are no exception. Repeating only you have the power to boost innovation for the most at risk.  The leaders who will not commit to real high quality processes when positioned with New Money are not the leaders for USA’s future. The Fortune 1000 proves every day that innovation creates money and “how” is relevant to every organization on earth. The Fortune 1000 has the key to how the front end creates the positive expectation.
I can assure you our needs are not in the area of hand outs, contributions or covering expected expenses.  We will not solicit your company until we listen for the specific fit, unless asked.  We think the fit will be win-win because your size still requires staying power in the USA built on first things first, trust and emotional intelligence.  Certainly literacy, freedom and order are required.   Every large company in the USA would benefit from urban economic growth because of education.   Real Eastate and smaller business might track to the economic benefits even sooner.
Consider this partial letter a pleading for the no choice discussion that would complete it.  When might I call? We want you to project and position the no choice positive expectations that spread from high quality leadership.  
Best regards,
Early Reading Skills Delivered - Ringing Advantages
Thomas Wolfgram
President-  USA VALUES, LLC
651-735-3018; Cell 612-968-1579


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