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Saturday, October 01, 2005

George F. Will Gets a List of Poverty Avoiding Rules Half Right for His Band of Partisans.

George F. Will Gets a List of Poverty Avoiding Rules Half Right for His Band of Partisans.

His list; graduate from high school; don’t have a baby until you are married; and don’t marry while you are a teenager assumes 100% of the kids have deep smarts about their life. *He chided “liberals” from his platform for the compassion and spending they have been metering into society for the “Good of All.” *Liberals discover the obvious about poverty, floods- Obey three central rules and you can avoid winding up with little; by George F. Will, published in Minneapolis Star Tribune, 9-14-05. Maybe he would add to his list; 1) An individual gift given of ready to read skills going into kindergarten; 2) Proficient at primary reading at grade 3; 3) Engaged in a future at grade 5-6 because of reading skills, AND then the 80% middle might see a fairer listing of rules.

Exception should be taken to his partisanship. We expect more balance in an effort to convince citizens to be effective. 80% of our population has not thought out and realized our government and school sectors would generate entirely different outcomes IF 100% of age 3-6 children entered kindergarten ready to read. However, today likely less than 50% of our population would see this as a wonderful low cost place to start with organized compassion and honesty. The percentage would grow to over 80% (a consensus) when we admit to ourselves publicly the most difficult individual gifts to give, require effective citizens to give individually and personally in the ugly world of poverty. Governments alone never get this right. And really, governments need the individual’s one-size-fits-one giving at this early age of 3-6 for the “Good of All”. Logically, growth in consensus (to 80%) comes from:
1. WE are at a national demographic stage where every citizen is needed; able to learn and stay engaged in opportunity and be safe in pursuit of God’s given freedom.
2. Teaching children language skills is easier the younger they are. (proven in mid 1900’s)
3. Individual time and attention (gift) is required to teach age 3-6 children no matter what class they are born in. This is the time (first and most important) to show fairness. Truly the child has no input at this time, so the adult gift really becomes the difference.
4. This makes sense from a first things first definition of effectiveness and a pay now verses later reconciliation.

George F. Will could have gathered the 80% middle around “fairer rules.” And, recognize we are in urban city transition together. Most importantly, effective citizens are losing kids to the street because government interventions are actually planned for later verses sooner, and the government doesn’t do one-size-fits-one well. His leadership, to promote most important rules and compassions should cover the time from very early age through the high school opportunity. Needless to say, the need for the gift very early in life can be predicted by the 80% middle.

The sole purpose of the character development-early reading materials at is for schools and effective communities to pull this together for the children and themselves. These gifts are at least three times blessed.

USA VALUES – CDP, Character Development Programs promotes truth; 1) The gift of Early Reading Skills (the FIRST value) is required for ALL age 3–6 children before they start kindergarten; 2) This individual gift is the key to opportunity; 3) The gift is the most effective and lowest cost approach to preparing at-risk children for opportunities; 4) The principal is vested in 100% of the children starting kindergarten ready-to-read. CDP is a 501(C)(3) business expecting to link families, paid volunteers, early childhood learning and faith-base resources, schools, corporations and agencies to first deliver 100% of the children to be ready-to-read starting in kindergarten. For other press releases and commentary that encourage a response, see

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