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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Beyond No Child Left Behind, and More Time Without The Children

Interesting articles on teacher development (time away from the children), failure measured by No Child Left Behind, which leaves us no choice but to change the measurements and “inputs” top down rather than clarify them.  Collectively we have many opinions about many aspects that are just simply NOT FTFRTFT.  That is we are not using first things first right the first time thinking. 

Just about every educator knows to avoid the gap (the subject of all this discussion) we need to spend the money first things first, before kindergarten to avoid the gap in the children.  We need to deliver language learning when the brain is most sensitive to it.

Just about every businessman does not want to spend more money in total with added earlier delivery but would consider lending it if it were paid back and schools committed in a massive way to deliver 100% ready via outsource so they could restructure based on a positive change in the input.   If they have a successful business of any size they have learned how to save based on better inputs in the last 30-40 years.  This site is about that kind of adapted thinking for schools and business in support of a bridge loan to facilitate that commitment.

There are several questions where truthful answers would lead to FTFRTFT change activity.  There are many professional organizations that could lead the questions to truthful answers right after leadership takes FTFRTFT to heart and does it.  Does it first and not something else;  manageably sinking the boats of alternatives by deciding that plan A and if needed plan B must, must include 100% of the children starting kindergarten ready to read count and understand positive direction as needed by the school district.  Many positives follow from fighting the battle earlier and earlier with no boats to get away from failure.  They include proficiency against higher standards, savings to pay back money spent in earlier delivery, innovation, individualized education, more technology, and more development outside of classrooms.  

These questions have to be answered by our leaders and teachers.  The Goal is more proficiency throughput (completions) with less total cost and less in process education.  Yes or No?  Bottlenecks, dependent demand and variability work against throughput.  Asking the questions of -- What to change first?, What to change to? and How to change? -- will simply get the decision makers to FTFRTFT.  It is very important to not waste changes that will change again when we finally get to changing first things first. 

Please keep in mind if there is no gap at kindergarten and no gap at 3rd grade that everything will change based on just that.  It is scientific within the individual child, teacher, principal and every organization.  To learn more about these adapted parts to continuous improvement making high quality free go here.

 Thomas Wolfgram


Owner of a Positive Expectation Idea

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