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Monday, July 01, 2013

Why USA VALUES, LLC is sending you an email every month.


Letter 7

Why USA VALUES, LLC is sending you an email every month.

For clarity, this is not fun - but our request is that you start with a simple statement to USA VALUES, LLC (USA) that your company would consider, under further review, asking a school district or several  to cause 100% first things first early reading skills delivered to kindergarten starting with the bottoms up most at risk children.  You get district attention by asking them to innovate and offering them a guarantee of the new money bonds required to create the new capacity.  This structure is presented in private and helps them with innovation and savings within their own program.  USA is a private company projecting that created sources of venture collateral to “intrude”, reach through mom and benefit the most at risk age 0-6 children with ready to read skills…will change everything in the USA.    

 We have sent several letters now published on the blog to build an adequate foundation for the request.  USA is creating a simple process that starts all (100%) of the children ready.  The local process is already funded with budget dollars in the present system to be saved and paid back over a bridge period.   Only your challenge puts 100% delivery first things first on the table.  Every company in the USA would benefit from the growth. Every district would reach the 100% within its own plan.    

We have other requests of still large but smaller businesses that revolve around stories to prompt first things first thinking in communities and public school systems. Combined   attitudes, directly  influencing at risk mom’s attitude, projects positive expectations due to individual child asset building.  USA is local public promotion for that asset building projection so all corporations can stay, without complication, positive.

USA’s dilemma is - do we really help or do we just go along without a 100% delivery goal.  Honestly, Washington D.C. or the Statehouses cannot get enough new money to new most at risk deliveries required.  Without a local 100% goal, it leaves 30-80% of our kids in the ditch of the gap before kindergarten.  How much longer will the most powerful in our nation not require first things first for our most at risk?  Here are three reasons why you should say YES. 

1.        Build on real science that you know and use everyday. Innovation is your ground to make common.  The process of Constraint Management for innovation and savings and first things first (FTF) change must be shared with schools and government.  You already know for yourself, trust me or accept the science authority  that shows FTF choice has fewer options. This is a very important point about waste created by dependent event bottlenecks that are not seen at the delivery points..     

2.       The Present Value of Positive Expectations from Prek (PVofPE-Prek) has a personal positive expectation growth of $500,000 at age 6.  This is the expected increase in GDP present value if the child is not ditched in the gap before age 6 and graduates.  Your children or grandchildren’s present value is way above that; but, if a 25% compounded annual risk factor for distraction is applied to the child; his or her present value projection is less than $25,000.  It is an out of the box setup to use Pre-k to 12 investment and expected innovation so that 100% of the at risk kids carry a $500,000 present value expectation into first grade and every grade thereafter. This would mean plus b-trillions of new dollars to our nation’s projected proficiency and GDP growth. There are 75 working years after starting kindergarten and your company is well positioned for ROI from this projected growth.  Quality is free, this would cost you nothing out of pocket.

3.       The Pre-k Juggernaut presentation by Chester E. Finn Jr. calls for focus on the most at risk.  It makes the case for not depending on universal pre-k for a solution because that is not intensive enough to actually break the  constraint holding back our most at risk.  Your power could just cut through the debate with dependence on  the traditional values of Courage, Discipline, Work, Commitment, Innovation and others by asking for and supporting school district innovation and savings from capacity management, as we have explained.

4.       I promise you this immaterial guarantee is carefully structured to never cost the Fortune 1000 company any cash.  

Perhaps there is one reason why you could get to NO -  for now, but just for now.  This wrap on USA VALUES is more fully written and updated in the full letter 7 at    

USA is a for profit startup with important related alignments not tested because those services are already proven to meet requirements and represent businesses in operation today. The simple local veteran component with a Public Service Message online and in print has not been tested as it awaits alignment with the more powerful businesses in a location. Positioning this component is important but not complex. [This wrap continues at the blogspot link above.]  


1.       Socratically, poverty and early education go hand in hand. At the beginning, in USA VALUES words, it is first about individual work within networks that create positive expectations.  Mother, mentor and child have routine work to do that will create significant new positive expectations per at risk child, if asked for and “intrusively supported” by school district leadership as irretrievable brain synaptic closings. and

2.       We get our largest return for the money by delivering early reading skills plus more to the most at risk.  Prominent Economist James Heckman says so.  100% should be the end in mind to be as good as we can be.

3.       Aligning the Preschool Juggernaut effectively depends on delivering the most at risk with a focus that meets the real requirement of kindergarten teachers and real systems of high quality. Reroute the Preschool Juggernaut, Chester E. Finn Jr. is the President of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute Advancing Education Excellence.    

4.       Who in our nation has the power to reroute public education to a 4% GDP growth rate from the present 2%?  A massive move to capture b-trillions of dollars of present value positive expectation is possible.  Eric A. Hanushek, Hover Institute (Stanford) Senior Fellow in Education has written chapter 16 - Education Quality and Economic Growth in The 4% Solution – Unleashing the Economic Growth America Needs - George W. Bush Institute.  In that chapter one can clearly place, at the bottom of page 231, 100% kindergarten readiness into the beginning of his accelerated GDP Growth Rate from controversial improved teaching. Kindergarten readiness is no longer controversial and reduces variation to help teachers, principals, and districts directly.   

5.       USA VALUES looks to the fun Super Freakonomics explanation of externalities as to why simple and cheap is not the solution of choice.

6.       Truths on the record:

USA must be asking for the CEO discussion and commitment to gently intrude.  It is part of the end in mind corporate ask of our nation for more proficiency from our most at risk.  Turnarounds can be defined by first things first choices that exactly meet the requirement.  USA cannot offer a free anything to you that would matter but...   Our phone conversation should be about you and yours, so please list three frank exceptions to all of this and we will stay with that agenda on the initial phone call.   Please contact me for that important discussion.

Best regards,
Early Reading Skills Delivered - Ringing Advantages
Thomas Wolfgram

President-  USA VALUES, LLC and and and and  and
651-735-3018; Cell 612-968-1579




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