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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Public education reformation, or, Public’s reformation of education? Both!

Expect this innovation to require everyone, including new communications technologies. Public education has never had the capacity to engage 100% of the children in a 13-year journey to becoming effective citizens. Why would the public still expect this result without changing the capacity of the process? Dropouts attribute being behind in reading and writing a major cause for their disengagement. Brain development science tells the public that Early Reading Skills are a first-things-first priority. Complete neighborhood level giving of the gift of early literacy to age 3-6 children will reform K- 3 education. 80% of USA citizens can agree on this focus.

(PRWEB) July 22, 2005 -- A total quality definition of excellence encourages education to start 100% right to effectively finish 100% right. The process for the most at-risk child is long and deflecting, requiring the right gift at the start, to have a chance. Public education’s reformation requires the public effort be in agreement at most basic levels. It is as much a new capacity building process, as it is a required turnaround. It is complicated when viewed over a 13-year process and the “capacity build” is ultimately complicated by opinions of what really is first-things-first. Steven Covey has a whole book about getting this right, to be considered effective.Here is a partial list of positive thoughts, selected from the expert section of the Ultimate Character Development Business Plan;

·Consider 100% of the process to define excellence -- total quality

·Opportunity to learn – Firmly correlated to achievement--Robert J. Marzano

·Relationships are build on trust, one at a time, one-size-fits-one – Gary Heil

·Zero defects, No tradeoffs, Requirements, Make certain—Philip B. Crosby

·Responsibility is the weight of freedom of speech – combinations

·Everyone is part of the solution when NCLB really means 100%-- combinations

·Quality, productivity, lower costs, capture the market -- W. Edward Deming

·Respect for demonstrated past achievements--combinations

·Efforts need a focal point, and then many effective citizens --Eric Schaps

·100-words to start is an elevator pitch--Thomas Wolfgram

·Start by recovering the forever-lost language sensitivity periods-- E.M. Standing

·Admit the child is the common source of societal love -- Maria Montessori

The effective citizen can use the Ultimate Character Development Business Plan (FREE) and the Give-it-Forward Funding Program to jump start “right the first time” in each and every elementary school and neighborhood in your city. This plan will assist everyone in most effective efforts at asset building, innovation and reform. USA VALUES-CDP has communication processes that will assist your impact of the powerful now that change is underway. Together we must seek experts who understand that change tends to destabilize institutions and meeting requirements is the solution. Win-win pools of public/private investments to create the expected returns can be created. The deep-smarts to invest when internal rate of returns exceed 16% will fuel new capacities.

USA VALUES-CDP (character development programs) promotes truth; 1) The gift of Early Reading Skills (the FIRST value) is required for ALL age 3–6 children before they start kindergarten; 2) This individual gift is the key to opportunity; 3) The gift is the most effective and lowest cost approach to preparing at-risk children for opportunities; 4) The principal is vested in 100% of the children starting kindergarten ready-to-read. We are a 501(C)(3) business expecting to link families, paid volunteers, early childhood learning and faith-base resources, schools, corporations and agencies to first deliver 100% of the children to be ready to read starting in kindergarten. For other press releases and commentary that you can respond to, see
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Press Contact: Thomas Wolfgram
Company Name: USA VALUES-CDP
Phone: 763-550-0769


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